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Is There A Man On This Planet That Isn't Addicted To Porn??


User ID: 12115729
United States
06/13/2012 11:33 PM
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Re: Is There A Man On This Planet That Isn't Addicted To Porn??
My husband watches porn occasionally, and I have no problem with this. In the past we would sometimes watch it together but I find it so one sided, and/or ridiculous, that I just can't get into it. My issue is how most porn is labeled and how its portrayed. If you look online, most porn will have labels such as filthy cum sluts or some equivalent. Women are portrayed as nasty and slutty. It would be refreshing if porn was more appealing to both men and women, and arousing with out being degrading.
 Quoting: Raven9

Women are nasty and slutty in real life too, bitch. If you do not like it, do not watch it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17897753

Just want some variety homey peace
“I am a black bird, a Raven, I am Raven. I know and I am knowing—I know and see life and death, expansion and contraction and I do not shiver and cry—I am unafraid.

I am Raven. I am black as liquid night with wings and my eyes are stars to see by.

The light within me leads the way and it is revealed through my eyes and I am what lies between the dark and light.

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