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Message Subject I need to talk to somebody, anyone!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Help Glp'ers, I'm going a bit crazy here in South Africa. This country sucks! I have a small sheep farm, basically self-sustaining. Grow all my own food, with a Jersey cow for dairy needs. I bought this little farm about 5 years ago. I am so damn angry! TPTB have just upped my monthly payment. Our electricity has gone up again..... I pay R1000.00 line charges every month. This is just so I can have access to power to pump water from the borehole, etc, which then adds another R1000.00 of electricity used onto my bill. Of course they know that solar power is totally unaffordable here, I got a quote of R45000.00. Ludicrious. Running a generator is just as bad with fuel costing R12.00/l. The only thing keeping me going are my dogs.... which are crucial for my safety and Glp. Of course, internet costs are astronomical, R289.00/gig! What to do, what to do. DOOOOOOOM must come quickly. Sorry about the ranting and raving and tks for listening. GBYA
 Quoting: ShepherdGirl

The prices you listed seem normal compared to Canada. $1.40 for gas is about .10$ high. The price for solar isn't high. $5500 dollars depending on what you are getting. I live off the grid it would be $30 000 for power lines to be run. $10-20 000 for a water well and $5000 for a natural gas line. I use a cheap $300 dollar gas gen that peaks at 3500 watts to charge my batteries every second day. I am guessing the pumP only needs to run intermittently. Do that use a gen. Build a bio mass gasifier if you can't afford the tiny bit of fuel. Easy to build. I did, never used it though.
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