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Message Subject I need to talk to somebody, anyone!
Poster Handle CB24SD
Post Content
...Make more money? I understand where you're coming from though, life can be such a beautiful thing... if others don't try to take it away from you.

Try selling your dairy products or your vegetables? Breed with the cow and sell the young ones in a couple of months? I'm just thinking out loud here... One of the plans I'm currently (part time obv) working on is growing small fruit or vegetable plants, preferably ones that are harder to grow, stuff you can't really find where you live,... and sell or trade them when they're strong and big enough!

Try cutting down on other costs that potentially could be replaced through a trading system? No idea if it's possible there though, but over here, I know of a couple of places where I could go to trade stuff for other stuff or services.
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