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Message Subject I need to talk to somebody, anyone!
Poster Handle justmeoneofmany
Post Content
Help Glp'ers, I'm going a bit crazy here in South Africa. This country sucks! I have a small sheep farm, basically self-sustaining. Grow all my own food, with a Jersey cow for dairy needs. I bought this little farm about 5 years ago. I am so damn angry! TPTB have just upped my monthly payment. Our electricity has gone up again..... I pay R1000.00 line charges every month. This is just so I can have access to power to pump water from the borehole, etc, which then adds another R1000.00 of electricity used onto my bill. Of course they know that solar power is totally unaffordable here, I got a quote of R45000.00. Ludicrious. Running a generator is just as bad with fuel costing R12.00/l. The only thing keeping me going are my dogs.... which are crucial for my safety and Glp. Of course, internet costs are astronomical, R289.00/gig! What to do, what to do. DOOOOOOOM must come quickly. Sorry about the ranting and raving and tks for listening. GBYA
 Quoting: ShepherdGirl

Look up water wells for Africa
They might be able to help you
they put in water wells for people
They also take donations so people like you can get water
I am supposed to get money soon. Maybe we can work something out for me to put in a pump for you. Do you know if you have any water veins on your land. I also water witch with an olive branch. MY DAD does it and hit water every-time.
He was ask to witch a water vain. They couldn't locate water even with their machines and all their tec. The man who needed water did not believe in what I and my father did.
He spent thousands of dollars trying to find a vain. He finally said for my Father to come out and give it a try.
My Father went a few yards from were they had been drilling. He struck a water vain not more then five min
after he got there. They started taking out water out of the vain and got about 3500 gallons per min..I and my father have never missed. My Father is a good man and only charged them a few hundred dollars. If he would charge a percentage of the water that comes out he would be a rich man. 25 cents on each gallon would be up in the millions right now. My Father said that is not how he does it. So i would be willing to help..Let me know what you think...
You can write me at tassey_7@msn.com. We have done irrigation all our life's. I have put in systems that where Over 500 Acres. above and below ground..hope to hear from you soon. It is up to you..I would need traveling paid.
My Father is almost 87 and would not want to make the trip
It is up to you...You could be sitting on millions of gallons if not billions in water veins...
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