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Message Subject AMERICA'S HUNTERS --- The world's largest army
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That is not the worlds largest Army.

And I would not call them an army either.

That implies tactics, precision, command and control(structure).

Hunters dont have any training as 'hunters' for War at all.


What I mean, is that the sport of hunting, has no value in War.

Other than learning to by still and quiet.

If hunters though, have really been planning and training when they meet out on lonely ranches, and are really the Militia in Camouflage, then yes, one 'could' call them an army of sorts.

But they are not the largest.

The largest Army in the World belongs to China, far surpassing the entire population of the US by hundreds of Millions, their Army does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17023389

You are sorely mistaken.

History is replete with examples of rag-tag citizenry handing embarrassing defeats to organized military forces.

And hunters? My friend, lots of hunters can sit quietly and remain well hidden, while waiting to kill an animal that shows itself - several hundred yards away.

Now, that group of people who can do this, if they were to organize against an opponent force, would be a nightmare for that opponent force.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1144869

The british weren't amused by these hunter tactics. Those red tunics with white X's made great targets.

The patriots were hunters..

And The United States was born..


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1295673

No, you are wrong, and that is the very reason why George Washington formed the US Army.

Because these Hunter tactics were getting their asses kicked.

If you dont belive me, read some fucking History, and drop you macho randy savage bullshit theatrics, its getting restarted now patrafag.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17023389

Why are you getting pissed?

I know history. It is my hobby, dufus.

There was no standing army at the beginning of the war of independence.
Although they were organized as an army later on, the guerrilla[hunter] tactics were still used..

Here ya go, sparky. Read the wiki.
There is a lot more in the old books I read, but I'm not scanning shit to prove a point to a numbskull..


Seeking to coordinate military efforts, the Continental Congress established (on paper) a regular army on June 14, 1775, and appointed George Washington as commander-in-chief. The development of the Continental Army was always a work in progress, and Washington used both his regulars and state militia throughout the war.

At the beginning of 1776, Washington's army had 20,000 men, with two-thirds enlisted in the Continental Army and the other third in the various state militias.[15] At the end of the American Revolution in 1783, both the Continental Navy and Continental Marines were disbanded. About 250,000 men served as regulars or as militiamen for the Revolutionary cause in the eight years of the war, but there were never more than 90,000 men under arms at one time.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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