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Message Subject AMERICA'S HUNTERS --- The world's largest army
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
That is not the worlds largest Army.

And I would not call them an army either.

That implies tactics, precision, command and control(structure).

Hunters dont have any training as 'hunters' for War at all.


What I mean, is that the sport of hunting, has no value in War.

Other than learning to by still and quiet.

If hunters though, have really been planning and training when they meet out on lonely ranches, and are really the Militia in Camouflage, then yes, one 'could' call them an army of sorts.

But they are not the largest.

The largest Army in the World belongs to China, far surpassing the entire population of the US by hundreds of Millions, their Army does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17023389

When you consider that there are hundreds of thousands of veterans of all ranks. I doubt if the tactics and C2 aspects would take very long to get up to speed.

Maybe you should look up Simho Hayek if you think civilian shooters have no value in war. Or the Boers in South Africa. Or look at the battle of Kings mountain in the first American Revolution.

There are countless examples of this.

I am reasonably sure that the Chinese army, the PLA,is around 3 million. Which is a bit short of hundreds of millions.

What it is really about is asymetric warfare not about force on force.
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