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Message Subject AMERICA'S HUNTERS --- The world's largest army
Poster Handle Avg Joe
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I'm not sure where these stats came from for relative size of armies of the world. Here's an interesting infographic though that shows the relative sizes of military of the world. This was put together after 2010 and should be accurate to that point.

[link to shanghaiist.com]

China's Army approx 1.6M
India's Army approx 1.1M
North Korea's Army approx 1M
United States Army approx 625K
(Wisconsin 'militia') about 600K
Pakistan's Army approx 525K

I also find it hard to understand why people think that armed citizens, hunters or not, would hide in the woods? Wouldn't it make more sense to defend urban areas from within those urban areas? Ground assaults on urban areas are much more difficult. Add into this the fact that non-combatants are living in the urban area as well. This may reduce the likelihood of blanket air strikes even by drones. Armed citizens are a deterrent simply because they are EVERYWHERE not off hiding in the bushes.
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