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Message Subject AMERICA'S HUNTERS --- The world's largest army
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That is not the worlds largest Army.

And I would not call them an army either.

That implies tactics, precision, command and control(structure).

Hunters dont have any training as 'hunters' for War at all.


What I mean, is that the sport of hunting, has no value in War.

Other than learning to by still and quiet.

If hunters though, have really been planning and training when they meet out on lonely ranches, and are really the Militia in Camouflage, then yes, one 'could' call them an army of sorts.

But they are not the largest.

The largest Army in the World belongs to China, far surpassing the entire population of the US by hundreds of Millions, their Army does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17023389

You are sorely mistaken.

History is replete with examples of rag-tag citizenry handing embarrassing defeats to organized military forces.

And hunters? My friend, lots of hunters can sit quietly and remain well hidden, while waiting to kill an animal that shows itself - several hundred yards away.

Now, that group of people who can do this, if they were to organize against an opponent force, would be a nightmare for that opponent force.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1144869

You are generalizing the subject. And comparing two different things. And the whole rag tag bullshit is not going to happen this time pal.

Get out of your romantic notions. History might repeat, but circumstances dont.

Vietnam proved this. The only reason they defeated the US Militarily is because they prepared in advance.

You confuse your romanticized bullshit, with Military operations.

Military planning. Etc.

If you had the spine, training, and spunk of say, the taliban, maybe, but a bunch a Men off in the woods waiting for someone does not cut it, and you dont understand Armies at all.

Any main action will be in the cities, for that is where all YOUR good comes from. Ports. Cities. Distribution points. Etc.

Meanwhile, while all you pussies are off in the woods 'waiting', all your resource distribution points will be controlled. The entire grid goes down. Chaos ensues.

All the People in the city, are off in the Country, looking for food, running from the occupying army(chicago for example), and fighting YOU pussies hiding in the woods over resources.

Meanwhile, all of your cities are being occupied by real armies coming in from controlled ports at sea.

You GI joe army is already dead on gone by the third world War by this time, so there is no help from them.

Once the cities and ports are taken, the invading army will spread out all over the country, and mop up the rest of you pussies hiding in the woods waiting, that survived the war of the crazy city dwellers in their desperation.

And what you finally are waiting on will come, and the supply line and columns will never end until you fuckers are all gone.

That is the likely and probable scenario.

You are just a blue leg piece of shit, that doesnt not shit about Military tactics. Wars. Operations. And your true chances of surviving you fucking twit.

So keep sitting in that dear stand jacking off to the romance novel you see in your head, its not going to happen that way.

Oh, and wipe that cum off your face, Russians dont like their speared through messy before lights out.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17023389

Do you live in the US? Because you call it "your cities", like you are not a part of this country. Are you an American?
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