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Message Subject Drug Shortages Compromise Medical Care, getting steadily worse..
Poster Handle Nobody...
Post Content
Sir, that's actually one of those good problems, as the populous needs to know that we don't need their stinking drugs (pharmakeia, sorcery, potions, etc.).
They have people so fooled about medical care, we're calling out shortages of drugs, REALLY? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People need to look at the history of drugs, and why they're even here. The whole industry was started because they figured out a way to profit from what was originally bomb making chemicals.

I have a medicine cabinet in my house. It's downstairs in my kitchen, I call it the spice cabinet. No man-made drug can come close to this piece of heaven in my home (God's pharmacy). I don't go to doctors for check ups, that is the most absurd thing I ever heard of...
This guy (the doctor) is mortgaged up and school loaned out, so he's going to find something, if given the opportunity.
Did I mention that Doctors are the biggest defaultors of school loans?
The longest living people are those who have the least access to a doctor. Allopathic medicine have one goal in business, and that is to make money. It manages your ailments, it has no intent to cure your ailment.

They will never tell you that good nutrition trumps every thing they can throw at you. They will never tell you that most surgeries are not necessary. They will never tell you the extent of iatrogenic (doctor caused) deaths. They will never tell you their chemicals kill more people than the diseases their alleged to treat. They will never tell you that anytime you see a doctor, that you're putting your life at great risk (a fact). In fact, doctors are so dangerous, you're better off not knowing you have anything wrong. Once a doctor gets his hands on you, and you put your faith in him (which he counts on...trust me, sound like religion?), you can be put at great risk.

I recommend the book: Confessions of a Heretic Doctor, I forget the author, sorry.

If you're eating at McDevils, Jack 'n the Casket, KFC (Kidney failure and cancer), Taco Hell, Hell Taco, Murder King, Derwienerskillu, etc. you're working right into their plan.

If you're eating process foods, chain store breads, conventinally grown fuits, nuts, and veggies, consuming non-free range animals, drinking pasteurized milk and OJ...you're working right into their plan.

If you're using aluminum containing anti-perspirants, chemically produced lotions, fluoridated toothpaste, drinking flouridated water, sugarless gum, sodas, diet sodas, energy drinks (Monsters, Red Bulls, etc.), conventionally grown coffees & teas, you're working right in to their plan.

If you're taking medication of any kind, taking yearly vaccinations (biological warfare against you), seeing a traditional dentist routinely...you're working righ into their plans.

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