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Subject Decoding Bath Salts, Bilderburgs and BS
Poster Handle eleyna2012
Post Content
Somebody posted this earlier today - I found it to be rather interesting . . .

Zombie Watch 2012 -

A map of all incidents that could be part of the zombie outbreak that will no doubt wipe out our populations.

[link to maps.google.ca]

Does anybody else find it strange how the incidents are moving from the east to the west!

NO incidents past the Mississippi? REALLY?

Even if these other events were a rash of "copy cats" why would they be so geographically positioned?

HMMMM . . . .

Furthermore, the allegations of "bath salts" could be (yet another) mockery of a gullible public -

Stay with me for a minute on this . . .

CBS4 reported that Eugene was "clearly, clearly on some very powerful drugs!"

[link to www.youtube.com]

SERIOUSLY? How can you make a statement like that when there is CLEARLY NO forensic tests to verify this allegation?

Perhaps we need to look into another, perhaps related incident that happened a few weeks prior to these events - and in time to misdirect our attention from the Bilderburg event in Chantilly . . .

I mean, no surprise here that the TPTB continue to use the media to send each other coded messages.

So - Here is my humble attempt at a bit of decoding some of their encrypted crap.

Start with . . .

On May 15, a "mysterious" smoking barrel was blown up by Hazmat in Hollywood FL. That mixture was SALTS.

From the report -

After a mysterious smoking barrel closed a stretch of A1A in Hollywood into the night Monday, authorities blew the 55-gallon drum to bits. They still don’t know where it came from before it washed ashore over the weekend.

Hazmat teams do know this: Inside the dangerous drum percolated a cocktail of chemicals “from the sodium perchlorate family — extremely flammable,” Hollywood Fire Rescue division chief Mark Steele said Tuesday.

[link to www.miamiherald.com]

Sodium perchlorate is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula NaClO4. It is the most soluble of the common perchlorate salts.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

In other words, SALTS in the ocean (BATH) (mixed with only God knows what ELSE) A smoking "cocktail of chemicals?" dispersed in the smoke after detonation?


Now follows in the next weeks a horror show of a series of cannibalistic crimes that would horrify even Hannibal Lechter?

Were ALL of them on "bath salts?" Is it not a stretch to say that ALL of these incidents have something to do with some

over the counter crap that has been around for years -

(Google the article, "Drug panics, bath salts, and face-eating zombies" by Jack Shafer for more information on the history and contents of the alleged "bath salts" - seems as if these substances have been around for a LONG TIME - and I have never heard of a reaction such as this)

IMO - this does seem to be a PLANNED bread and circus event perhaps to keep our eyes off what was going down in Chantilly - OR, worse yet, a deliberate release of bio-toxins to kick off a depopulation plan . . .

You decide.

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