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Message Subject Stock market soars because they think Ben Bernanke is going to print more money. Isn't this funny?
Poster Handle Oldmotherhubbard
Post Content
Bernanke certainly didn't promise imminent action. He didn't quash any QE3 or Twist 2 hopes either. He said economic growth is still expected at a moderate pace. But he again talked about his view that some previous hiring was just a catch-up phenomenon. "If so, the deceleration in employment in recent months may indicate that this catch-up has largely been completed, and, consequently, that more-rapid gains in economic activity will be required to achieve significant further improvement in
labor market conditions," Bernanke said.

And how would that economic activity become more rapid? That's left unsaid. But implication is clear, more Fed action.

[link to blogs.marketwatch.com]
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