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Message Subject Stock market soars because they think Ben Bernanke is going to print more money. Isn't this funny?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I find this to be especially true in New England. It seems that people put so much faith in others because they think they are smart or they went to the "right" college when they were a pimple faced teenager.

We act like only a scholar that went to Harvard can figure out to solve the financial crises we are in. When in reality, this dumb fuck is just printing worthless money and pumping it into the economy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2364968

Not funny, but pathetic I'd say. When the sharks know that more cash is about to be thrown into the water they frenzy it up in the hope that they can lure the mindless, greedy dumbass types into the water and then feed on their sorry carcasses. But I don't think this is like the 20's when regular people had money in the market. I believe the bulk of the invested are mega-rich and big hedge funds types. Most regular people are on the sidelines with 401k's and FedMM's, that's why the government has bee toying with the idea of taking the 401k's over.

In any case the stock market is a sham if you ask me. The country could collapse into chaos and it could very well top 15,000, after all, all the boys at Goldman have to do is enter a closing numer, right? Can anyone say, "Market Manipulating Software"?
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