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Message Subject 4 Mysteries Sloved With Baltic Sea UFO As A Structure Before The Moon Caused The Oceans To Rise
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
here's you 4 mystery's solved scooby doo at once...the moon wasn't always in orbit...the oceans were lower when the fresh water was locked up in the ice age effect...making the shallower oceans saltier and boats and ships could float easier and carry heavier cargo's over less ocean...this is why some ancient cultures have no mention of the moon...anyhoo Atlantis didn't sink, the moon coming into orbit melted the fresh water and raised the ocean levels by a couple hundred feet...so that's why the 'UFO' is a structure with before ice age artifacts the govt wants to snatch to protect its bullshit history lessons of no ocean contact between ancient countries...opening my 3rd eye along the stimoceiver has came in handy these days making 4 eyes like the alien in Disney's alien versus monsters,lol,i should write some books but why spoil the fun of being a nobody,lol...and this is why during the first 6 days of genesis it doesn't mention the moon...the sun is both the greater light and the lesser light mentioned in genesis by its equilux time...the moon was not the lesser light mentioned in the beginning...abracadabra, presto there's you some more wabbits lured from their wabbit holes with carrots on strings,lol:bugs:
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Good thread, moon is a floating regulator, hasn't always been here!
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