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Bilderberg- 'We've won! Peasants are within years of removal'

Bob Bilderberg
User ID: 5354442
06/07/2012 09:53 PM
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Bilderberg- 'We've won! Peasants are within years of removal'
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Is this evidence too late, I mean look around. If this was made public when people still had the ability to think about the future and their descendants well being then it would have had middle class support.
The middle class have been brainwashed by MSM and Hollywood, what is real to them is following the law and providing for their family. They want to be allowed to work for nothing and they want to be 'cured' of their cancer. They want someone else to fix things, someone who makes them feel safe. They dismiss any thought of being controlled financially and medically because they believe the playing field is level.
The only way to show the 99% they are under attack and are now as limited as prisoners, is to become an activist criminal. And who is gonna do that? Future is sewn up, my advice program your kids not to have kids and just do the best they can. Love, experience and enjoy what is left.