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Zombie attack in Lafayette, La.

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06/09/2012 09:55 PM
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Zombie attack in Lafayette, La.
Another one:

As if the details of face eating and other cannibalistic attacks -- dubbed collectively the "zombie apocalypse" -- from the last week of May weren't bizarre enough, an assault in Louisiana seems to have continued the string of gory crimes.
The cannibalistic actions of several individuals in the last week of May that the media began calling the "zombie apocalypse" might have been a grisly sign of things to come. The rash of bloody, flesh-eating attacks seemed to have continued into the first week of June, despite a strange statement from the CDC that the they knew of no means by which a person could become reanimated after dying. But it isn't the undead that people have to worry about.

The latest flesh-eating incident occurred in Lafayette, La., when Carl Jacquneaux got into an altercation with Todd Creduer, the boyfriend of his ex-wife. Ignoring a restraining order against him, the 42-year-old Jacquneaux entered the back yard of the ex-wife's house, where Creduer was working.

The victim told ABC affiliate KATCthat he and Creduer began arguing over a domestic issue. The argument degenerated into violence, Creduer said, and Jacquneaux bit him in the face, taking away a quarter-sized piece of flesh. He said he was able to escape his attacker by spraying him in the face with wasp repellant.

[link to www.huliq.com]