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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Hi Seer :)
How did you become so aware of everything-it is hard to put into words, but does that make sense? You seem to always have the greatest attitude/outlook, so I am just wondering how you came to be like that-I want some! rofl
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16732227

That is a hard question to answer...but I wrote this sometime ago about my experience in September.

It is one of the only things I have left from the 'Secrets' thread...



thank you...very few recognize the experience...did you write down your experience...it would make a tremendous story as all such experiences are intensely inspiring. blessings
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 917987

Yes, would you like to see it?
 Quoting: Seer777

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 917987

Alright then. Here you are love.

Please take this for what it is. An experience.

I will need to preface a bit due to the complexity of what I am about to tell you. This story can get easily bogged down so i will attempt to give the main points without too much filler. You will basically just have to take my word.

I have always been very inquisitive and very sensitive. This led me on a journey which has taken 34 years to unfold. I was raised in a Christian home but even as small child the unanswered questions trouble me greatly. Something felt wrong about the reality I was living. Fake. Contrived.

The first time I watched the Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell, I found a curious connection to all the myths which intrigued me greatly.

Having a science degree, I desired to find a connection between Science and Divinity. I knew the answers were there, I just had to find them.

It took nearly ten years of an exhaustive search on every topic I could wrap my mind around. Myth, ancient culture, aliens, meditation, Self, God, Source, Sacred Geometry, pyramids, Sumeria, Hopi, Prophesy, psychic phenomena, and supernatural experiences culminated into a single event of epic proportions...

I woke that morning on my friends couch after a night of drinks and company. I woke with a certain phrase on my mind. I kept hearing it over, and over. On the ride home I decided to follow the hunch.

I went to the internet and started exploring.

Very suddenly and unexpectedly I felt what can only be described as a beam of energy slam into and through my 3rd eye. At very first I was scared but being a veteran of 3rd eye experiences I closed my eyes and said, I accept.

Then, just as suddenly I had what can only be described as a Near Death Experience (NDE). My life flashed before my eyes. But this was a bit different. The life I saw was all the choices I had made throughout my life which made it possible to reach that moment. It took only a few seconds but the separate events were discernible and impossible to describe adequately.

Then, I felt parts of my brain light up and the veil lifted. The millions of pieces to the puzzle I had gathered suddenly came together and formed the entire picture.

That picture was Truth.

It was terrifying and exhilarating. I was changed ineffably and completely in a moment. I believe I entered into what as know as Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.

Many things became clear to me after that.

That is the story of my enlightenment or awakening or illumination, whatever one chooses to call it.

It was a struggle to crest the mountain but when I did I saw the Sun rise.

 Quoting: Seer777

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