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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle aether
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The Fool (Tarot card)
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

we don`t know when but because no one knew anything of useful consequence to explain their emotional experience of life and looked to discover answers there arose the notion that it was our belief formed from intelligence within ourselves that stooped us knowing what god was telling us, what ever god notion was popular at the time

the notion was that there are those among us whom do not possess our intelligently designed by us self awareness
because they do not possess it, they retained our lost ability to listen to god
it become popular for the wise amongst us to listen to mental people and translate their nonsense into sense as the wise understood it to be
thus satisfying the belief that they could never hear it direct because they were wise (self aware)
this progressed into the popular notion that to say sequences of nonsense was to be closer to god
if you notice in our history, it is never what the fool says that is vital
it is always the translation by those whom are wise that is written as truth
it is the same today
many believe to speak nonsense achieves closer to god for them and of course chaos magic etc it formed around it
the notion is no different from looking for hidden sequences in ancient scripts etc.

now on the topic on sequencing nonsense to be translated by our wise into sense you may see that were the wise clever enough to actually do that the last thing they would do is listen to nonsense to tell what they know
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