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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just a hint Aether as I appreciate your intellect and you seek to know the truth:

The truth can often be explained very simply from what I have been ahown. It is us humans that complicate the explanations. Look always for various related concepts and look for common denominators. Look for the simple answer. Look big and small and use universal laws to find them too. Here is a hint though that is the biggest of them all. What is the motive of behind the one who seeks? Is it pure enough to be willing to share it freely with all mankind? You think the divine mind wouldn't respond in kind??? Be worthy and God can provide anything. We get lost in our minds thinking we are separate from God and we lose sight that God is doing this whole thing whether we see it or not.

Credit goes where credit is due always. Man screws this up by not recognizing where intelligence comes in the first place. We like to play God and screw up the first couple of commandments. When in alignment with divinity anything ia possible. Some have a part of them they choose to forget on purpose and otherwise. Its the otherwise people who can be the revealers of "facts" but these ones forget who is ultimately in charge. Man has placed so much emphasis on thinking only to fail to realize this is what is separating us from the divine. The mind is the runaway train. No room for divine mind and heart with the thinker that fears.

Subtract everything possible about the self to arrive at point of divine entry (higher self manifesting/expression.) Empty the cup of anything causing one to think or feel negatively in any way. Know thyself in other words. Be willing to right ones wrongs. Be willing to help others all the time without credit at all. SKIP CREDIT - you will be rewarded anyway later but this isn't why you do it or that defeats the purpose as it is looking for credit. Key things here are doing things anonymously for the betterment of all mankind and all entities everywhere.

My question is this is the same solution for us applicable throughout the rest of the multi-verse no matter the dimension. What can be learned from spiritual warriors who battle the dark forces? Is there a better way for them? What if the solutions are the same??? That could be something. If not exactly what are the common denominators???
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