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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hey Mish - is that you?

Aether and others. I am using bible terms to describe things yes (I guess.) I didn't learn what I know from the bible but from gnosis. I think (though I really know nothing) what I found is timeless but chose terms that people here are likely to understand. The fact is who can really say they know anything. How do you define the divine? How can we be sure we really know anything? Clear the slate clean to see God is great. No belief/ideology, no expectation, no selfish intentions/motices, no fear and the manifestations of fear all lead to being the clean slate so the divine works in one. Resolution and complete willingness of qrongs and aligning ones will with the divine are also necessary.

I asked someone if the fate of the world was in their hands what would you do. The sweet soul says save it. I said how. What one word would you use to describe how to save the world. He struggled a bit and out of his mouth comes faith . He's still struggling with the concept and mumbling some more trying to conceptualize what it would take trying to put a sentence together. I see him struggling almost scared like as if oh my God I wouldn't know what to do or where to begin. I realized I better stop him from his struggles and told him I agreed with the first world he pronounced - Faith. Food for thought, food for thought. I think sometimes it is the only thing we have but I do know its the only thing I need. I can have nothing as long as I have faith. The rest always seems to take care of itself doesn't it?

I do think its way cool the stuff you and s on s come up with so please don't take any of this as a critique but as an idea you may want to explore for yourself. For me by doing this whole eliminative process I have experienced heaven on earth. Now I am working back to that going through the mess of a mind I have and my previous actions and trying to be willing to make the amends, etc. It worked before so I am going through the motions and seeing what else may help people.

Any ideas Aether what types of things one would give up to clear the slate so to speak? You seem to have the mind for this sort of thing :)

Thank you!
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