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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
hey ac 13456124

nice post
in simplest of terms there can exist no mysteries because where that not to be true our environment (universe) could never exist as we experience it does because if mystery was real our universe would never know what to do to keep itself as we experience it does

following the loss of our golden age we where forced to believe mysteries exist because we did not know why all that we experienced altered


we possess our memory of no mysteries and for a long time, we possessed no memory of how and why we where once as we remember we were , mystery had arisen in conflict to our memory

in recent years , following thousands of years of us wrestling with the arisen mystery ,we discovered, in our late 19th century, a glimpse of solution to the mystery

throughout our 20th century we constructed technology from our glimpse of solution and explored the meaning that our new to us knowing led to

it has led to our knowing why and how we lived and lost our collectively remembered golden age lifestyle and has provided us with the practical capability both spiritually and materially, to express ourselves (live) as we intuitively know it is are nature to be so

that being said we today are still within the formative process of implementing what is known and still no clear definition has arisen of it`s implementation for understandable reasons
our past 5000 years plus of beliefs within our societies structures stand in the way of our newly acquired knowing and will continue to do so without careful management in synchronization with our altering environment

naturally occurring environmental alteration is vital to this process and does not signify what was once believed

what it does signify is our new knowing is correct because we know why and how it is happening and it`s effect upon the minds of humanity

i just realized i could fill seer`s thread with words but they have all been said in various threads in glp by myself and others and ones such as seer are on the case
it seems to me
not sure what else i could say at this moment in the post
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