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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
hope you don`t mind a rhyme
on the perils of linear time

Genesis -1:1

whatever wrote that line
wanted to impose time
by putting a beginning
making eternity ending
the reason is simple
place power in invisible
then wield power by saying
authority from a non existing
thus impossible to deny
you are the main guy
 Quoting: aether

Thread: Genesis -1:1 (Page 3)

Linear time

Unlike many other religions, whose sense of time was basically cyclic, Judaism and Christianity worked to preserve a written linear history and mythic timeline, running from the creation to the end of the world. For example, in Aztec mythology the universe is created and destroyed repeatedly in a circular concept of History, but in Judaism and Christianity, the universe has been created only once and will be destroyed only once, and after its destruction it will be restored to perfection once and for all, having a lineal concept of time. Likewise, Islamic mythology has a linear time perspective, running from the creation to the end of the world and the establishment of paradise on heaven. Qur'an 56 describes the end times, the judgment of the dead, and the eternal reward and punishment of saints and sinners—an eschatological mythology similar to the storyline of the Christian Book of Revelation and to some elements in the Jewish Book of Isaiah and Book of Daniel.
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: aether

I never mind a rhyme, quite taken with them tbh.


Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to my thread aether. Feel free to fill the pages however you choose.

Free the muse and know I will never stifle creativity or critical thinking. Much the opposite in fact.

I encourage it.

It is an honor to be in your company.

long stem
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