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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Looking for your opinions on this aether, seer, s on s, or any of the crew of light workers here for that matter. Do you think as we rotate as a solar system back into the light (precession) have to wonder if the fluff we have just arrived in isn't this light) that we awaken to our former selves? I wonder too about the "type" of souls incarnating now too if these energies affect this? I have to think too as soon as many/everyone has esp ( telepathy, etc.) its a changed world. Where does the shadow hide then????

I wonder too where the inner work fits in. Are we just going to behave constantly? Are we just going to know we are spirit and presumably eternal? There will be no need to know self as we juat lnow more all the way around???? Then what of the physical body - do we jave a different preoccupation with this?

I wonder how much of our aberrant mentality really comes from the denial of our physical death. I think the anthropologist Robert? Becker was pretty brilliant in his work years ago on this (The Denial of Death.)
I wonder what happens with just some changes in perception. It seems if u start realizing and accepting soul mortality, karma, reincarnation, precession of the equinoxes, love is letting go of fear, etc then ones "outlook" takes a different slant.

Of course things like the prospect of physical immortality and some other things can throw a wrench in the psyche. :)

Oh and Seer on that other topic where we were working with others and helping others (cog. Dis.) did you get confirmation from up top. I want the story.
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