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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle david
Post Content
Even the poop threads?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13716379


They have their place.

No...what I am talking about is a 'Place of Meeting' outside of the flesh body.

Here, we are no longer bound by flesh to 'bounce' off another. No longer judged by anything other than our souls...our merit.

Our avatars are our 'sackcloth'.

Real time transfer at any point on the globe...and perhaps beyond.

Ideas, Logic, Art, Music, Wisdom, and Sacred Math...

Meeting of Minds.

Critical thinking is our greatest asset.

And, Freedom of Thought is a GREAT gift.


Because it has been suppressed for so long.

Like attracts like.

Puuuuuullllllls together.

Creates bonds.








Or an entirely new thing.

 Quoting: Seer777

agreed, heartily agreed.

i came to glp 3 years ago, but i'm still not sure how, quite by accident , i think, or was it?

in any case i found it to be a magical place;

full of dragons and nobodies

of open hearts, and tightly closed minds

of beautiful princesses

of morasses of morans and trolls

a wondrous place where christians ride out daily on white horses clad in brilliant armor and shields with crosses painted on them, they do battle with the native aboriginies.

having no desire to succumb to dogma, the heathen resist valiantly launching flights of arrows made of mockery, sending forth volleys of darts, discus spears, pitchforks, and half eaten ham sandwiches.

tragically the crusaders are inevitably forced to retreat under the cover of mobile walls of text plastered with scriupture ad nauseum.

others choose to join bands of adventurers questing for the grail, pursuing atlantis, shambila, the kingdom of prestor john, or simply searching for their own little brigadoon.

long live glp!
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