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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
this information may make you feel unstable
but for the moment think macro and go global
the peoples republic of china is centrally run
electrical dragon paths is how china was begun
1.3 billion chinese know how ley lines are run
and the koran clearly tells you never make fun
of the many jinn whom live here with you and me
that's 1.66 billion muslims that have eyes to see
almost half of the humans of this world today
already know that plasma will never go away

Dragon Paths
[link to www.bellaonline.com]

"In China, even today, there are lines across the land called dragon paths -- marked for centuries by roads, temples, shrines, cemeteries, and distinct constructions"
[link to www.ratical.org]

plasma jinn
[link to forums.islamicawakening.com]

[link to free-minds.org]

it`s easy to awake any culture on earth
especially if you are sure of it` worth
there is no merit in promoting a lie
because that`s when way too many die
discoveries are hard enough to achieve
let`s hope that only a few will grieve
 Quoting: aether

Thread: Petroglyphs, not just simple, crude drawings from ancient man. The truth is stranger then you could ever imagine. (Page 7)
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