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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
funny to see what i was telling on that page

the last time around even though energy was high
the way that it happened induced to many to die
a natural consequence of rare celestrial motion
a joining of systems caused the great commotion
now we are in a normal energetic transition
all intelligent life gets without exception
effects depend greatly on one`s expectations
information assists manage all imaginations

that`s why it`s so very important to know
how your environment operates in detail so
non local consciousness and other such names
mean something in your thoughts and dreams
then you will easily accomodate the linking
which will occur with the increased thinking
as long as you understand how it is working
your minds will be able to do the talking

the funny thing is i hope you agree if i say
every transfer of information is always two way
the same is true for what`s happening now
so the state of mind has a big effect on how
the incomming energy reacts to it`s new home
personaly i endevour never to let it feel alone

looking back in time it`s possible to imagine
after the catastrophy a time of energy famine
the original environment had gone completley
and the minds of the survivors reacted meekly
natural energy centers helped their thinking
thus becoming sacred sites in an inckling
for thousands of years the sites are guarded
occult societies with faith and oaths waited

the past hundred years the radiation is rising
just look at the way our thinkings been moving
are we getting cleverer just because of time
or is it our solar sun has a different shine
call it a cloud or a wave it does not matter
you see that our imagination is going higher

for thousands of years they maintained our cultures
often being perceived as no more than vultures
with secrets and oaths they retained status quo
despite the wars and rebellions they never let go
driven by reasons that transgressed their own living
nobody ever realy knew where this was all heading
until more recent times there grew a single notion
all societies now become coherent in their motion
is it a coincidece for it to occur at this time
or is it also a part of our suns change in shine
could it be the deeper awareness of our potential
driving each and every soverign to a singular central
are we moving into a more natural configeration
giving us the shape for our energetic interaction
this shape has the possibility to blossom what`s in store
which is our global consciouness as it comes to the fore

i wish not to lead this thread off topic today
it`s that i believe it`s very important to say
that although the effects we will be getting
are naturaly here hence there is no stopping
the institutions that govern within our civilisations
have capacity to satisfy our collective imaginations
because the original roots of them all
stem from a common event they all recall
the sacred geometry and codes covering the globe
bring all of us together on the same straight road
it is no error that the chequred floors all show
they are directly connected back to egyptian pharaoh
there may be discussions of how it was and when
but of the event`s reality there is no question
this will be very important and useful in the near times
as our imaginations are stimulted by more norwegian signs

[link to saturniancosmology.org]
[link to www.gks.uk.com]

written or oral is not my natural way
when i do it my tone often goes astray
linking the words helps me i find
translate exactly what`s in my mind
 Quoting: aether
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