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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle aether
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The fibonacci sequencing needs noting in all of this, simply watch for the numbers especially if they occur together...21/34.
The implosion rate is to this sequencing.
Trees turn this around on march21st and sept 22nd, thus gravity within the tree is focused to a point above the tree and the sap falls to there during the reverse spiral time.
Watch the whirling dervishes, watch which way they spin.
 Quoting: observation

Has the law of gravity that the apple has to adhere to, ever found what the apple weighs when it is still part of the tree, not what it weighs after it seperates from the tree?
I ask this as I KNOW that a detectable field about the tree when it is in leaf spins in the opposite direction to when the leaves fall off.
I consider that gravity within the tree when this field is spinning in the opposite direction is reversed, thus the water under the tree FALLS to the top most leaves, and apples.
Of course this is merely what myself a human being is reporting, not anything to be taken scientifically seriously?
I make no wonder that in ancient times the trees were worshipped, and such creatures as the scarab beetle, it could be observed rolling a ball of dung along a line, and I consider that line was detectable to those human beings that were able to, and that when the beetle reached a crossing line at ninty degrees to the one it was rolling its ball along, it dug an hole there, laid an egg into the dung ball, covered it over, and out popped a new beetle.
 Quoting: observation
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