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Message Subject Everything I ever desired in a 'Forum'...
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
.....you will find it goes on to talk about the serpents, and I am certain you will agree how they are globally represented, and ever so in egypt?
You then have the twin spiral serpents entwined around the tree, the medical profession utilise this as their emblem.
Only the likes of myself will see the relevance, especially with trees in mind that so brilliantly utilise this to their advantage.
they have been here far longer than ourselves remember.
All living entities display a dual whorl often called ANU.
The trees been as large as they are display this clearest, and they change the spiral direction around to match the change of time.
That TIME is the real change of time, not the imposed tick tock that your science so slavishly uses.
This topic is about light and gravity, and both of those phenomena are a consequence of the serpents just on a much larger scale than is so well demonstrated by the tree.
We have a huge such double whorl.
The trees grasp the earth with their roots( think Tesla) they fan out their antennae underground, they fan out their antennae above ground.
Aprox 30 inchs above surface level a barrier exists between opposites, they show as opposite flow directions and create opposite spiral features.
The trees change spin directions above and below ground, they make use of the natural opposite resonant phenonoma available, they do not defeat gravity, as it doesn't exist except as a consequence of the attraction of one opposite to the other, they turn around locally to them this phenomena, many can sense this hence those that hug trees, but I consider it is mainly internal that this is most prevalent.

I am only able to reveal as I find, I am a dowser as good as there is, and as such readily recognize globally all that such as myself have left as clues to what they detected.
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