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ringing in ear and haarp, leg twitch

User ID: 10467780
United States
06/11/2012 02:37 PM
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ringing in ear and haarp, leg twitch

Weird thing I notice that happend last night as well as other nights. I went to bed late, around 2:30 am and noticed that my wifes body and leg were twiching in her sleep. I was wide awake and as soon as I started to fall asleep I feel thoughts or ideas going through my head that I did not think of and my leg starts to jerk/twitch. I get up, go into my basement, then go back to bed.

It is now 3am and wife body is twitching every 5 minutes.

I started to fall asleep and the same thing happend to me.

Weird vioices and thoughts, a high pitched tone ion my ear and boom my leg twitches. Is this haarp, subliminal messages?? not to mention there are cell towers outside my house. Not sure if they are cell towers or dummys to hide some sort of experiment on our neighboorhood.

Any thoughts comments.