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Some sort of drone and plane crashes but.....

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 11591025
United States
06/11/2012 03:51 PM
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Some sort of drone and plane crashes but.....
...I bet if this was something Obama had done, we would be hearing only about Lady Gaga's new haircut or something! Funny what makes our nation's headlines and what doesn't.

Did you hear the new one on Yahoo? Obama said "the private sector is doing fine" when it comes to jobs (which we know is horse shit) and now Yahoo is running with this article on how somebody is saying that voters will vote on Obama's actions and not his words!

So know whatever junk comes out of his mouth, the news media will try to cover up by sending out lies on how "we" are going to vote for this clown based on his actions and not his words. Talk about some B U L L S H i T !