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I am NOT one of the RELIGITARDS

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United States
06/13/2012 08:55 AM
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I am NOT one of the RELIGITARDS
but i was just reading

14 signs announcing CHRISTS return. from tomorrowsworld.com

[link to www.tomorrowsworld.org]

I must admit it's pretty cool where in sign5, it claims that a great ISLAMIC union will form and egypt, lybia and others will be togoether, this is pretty cool as we see the ARAB spring and MUZZIE brotherhood potentially get this ISLAMIC union going.

then in sign 6 they show where the bible describes the EU and pretty much describes some of the shit going on there now with the debt crisis, now all we have to do is wait for the EU to wittle down or converge into ten states and one main leader, then the ISLAMIC union smacks and the EU steamrolls the middle east.

then in sign 7 a powerful religious leader leads a riligious revival. this leader sits on his thrown and says he's GOD gets millions of followers not just 1000's and performs supernarural things. Sounds to me the only thing that could pull that off is an ALIEN or the false flag ALIEN with his puppet strings being pulled by TPTB.

IDK about any of it, but its pretty ironic shit