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Caspian Quake Threat.

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Russian Federation
06/14/2012 01:12 PM

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Caspian Quake Threat.

An article on Lenta.ru warns us of rising Earth plate tension in the Caucasus area around Azerbajan in [link to www.lenta.ru] this article. I thought many of you might want to know. The article seems to be posted on MIT's webpage found here [link to web.mit.edu] Which is rather strange, I can recall a huge, catastrophic quake hitting the Caspian region in a game recently (Battlefield 3) So keep an eye out on that region, it has been known to provide catastrophic quakes. Like the devastating earthquake in Baku, year 1859.

Quoting from the MIT article "But new research shows that the region may be ripe for another devastating earthquake of a magnitude similar to the one that leveled the country’s previous capital in 1859. Scientists at MIT and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences analyzed more than 10 years’ worth of GPS data from Baku and surrounding regions, discovering a large buildup of tension in the land. This geological deformation could lead to an earthquake, threatening Baku’s population, petroleum reserves and the health of the Caspian Sea."

Sounds dangerous, and I doubt the countries around the Caspian sea are prepared and ready for the quakes consequences. Feel free to discuss/correct me if I am wrong.
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