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Mossad False Flag Ops For A New World Zionist Order

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User ID: 3284624
United States
06/14/2012 03:00 PM
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Mossad False Flag Ops For A New World Zionist Order

"The everyday murderous behavior of the world’s hegemonic powers, led by the exponentially powerful Zionist entity that has illegally occupied Palestine for 63 years, has split humanity right down the middle into two reactionary groups when a catastrophic event shakes the geopolitical sphere. The first group can be classified as “the sheep;” the oblivious, ignorant masses that believe anything and everything that the talking heads on the ‘fiction box’ known as the television tell them. “The sheep” believe that there is an international ‘Islamic’ terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda that is responsible for a great majority of the world’s terror attacks. The sheep are unaware that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, it never has existed and it is nothing more than a creation of Zionist neo-conservative warmongers to be used as a psychological warfare tool by global intelligence agencies (1). This is because they are sheep."

[link to www.maskofzion.com]