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I just saw a person coming out from a wall mirror.. Am I crazy

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United Kingdom
10/05/2012 02:41 PM
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Re: I just saw a person coming out from a wall mirror.. Am I crazy
Joking aside, Mirrors were and are used for scrying, it is said Nostradamus used one (besides of his visions etc.) and of John Dee counselor of Elizabeth the 1st it is sure, he even used Black Mirrors and the Reflections of Water in a flat bowl to scry the future.

I bet some of you can confirm you at least one time felt uncomfortable in front of a mirror because you felt like being watched or even saw something in the corner of the eye that you would not detect without looking into a mirror, I remember this happened to me when I was a child (and children are more sensitive for something like that, just draw the line in the Poltergeist Phenomena, most time there is a kid around in the place this Phenomena takes place).
 Quoting: Trickster

Nostradamus used "flygarrot mushroom" to outtabody then time travel through past lives or in Nostradamus`s case "future lives"..................