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NORAD a Blue Ribbon Panel and UTRs.

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User ID: 16033840
United Kingdom
06/17/2012 05:54 PM
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NORAD a Blue Ribbon Panel and UTRs.
I was informed sometime ago a Blue Ribbon Panel was formed concerning a number of Unknown Track Reports, NORAD had tracked these UTRs and these reports existent is classifiable. NORAD has tracked and plotted impact locations of unknown objects which have entered North American air space, the nature of these reports indicate the tracks were intelligently controlled, and performed "unbelieveable" manoeuvreable capabilities. Some of these tracks have been monitored coming from deep space.

NORAD's records cannot be accessed via the FOIA since it is a binational organization and not subjected to the Act.

Blue Ribbon Panel: [link to en.wikipedia.org]

I have myself personally seen alleged photographs of a recovered body from a crashed object which was tracked by NORAD and recovered. This event was confirmed via direct telephone conversations with certain personnel within the NORAD facility.It is apparently a common occurance for UTR to be recorded,
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