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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
Hello Grand Architect,

Can you explain what happens when you Detox too fast from Lugol's Slution 2% which is P. Iodide 4% Iodine 2%.

Have you ever heard of using Borax to detox the Pineal Gland?

Have you noticed your regular senses such as eyesight or hearing increasing? I SunGaze as well as use natural plants and herbs so I am just trying to figure out what has increased my eye sight and hearing. The only problem with being so aware is that everything around us is fake as a football bat. It pisses me off to watch people kill themselves for a piece of colored paper that keeps us enslaved.

 Quoting: Amy_A
hi Amyhfswitch to manna and kick it into overdrive,just dont trip as you turn into a mutant like the rest of us are doing,lol...you will just increase your detox sickness,thats all...i had severe scoliosis so its my spine that is getting better before any thing else is...i was handicapped in my golf game you might say and just my knowledge is increasing as my spine gets better...i did sungaze as you said once and i noticed my eyesight got better temporary as i could read close up again,i thought i was tripping and just haven't did it any more...thanks for reminding me i had forgot about thathf...i was looking at the sun the last 30 minutes before it set...i dont wear sunglasses to keep them used to the light...note to self sungaze again,lol...not sure about my hearing though...hey dont complain,lol..enjoy your Xwoman powers,we cant shake people awake,but sometimes i want to,lol...I'm NEO too as the architect was NEO,his former self...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Thank you for your great insight. What is going to happen to the people who have cleaned up their mind, body and soul? Do you feel our consciousness level will increase after 12-21-12 like Santos Bonacci talks about. He mentions leaving the age of Pisces (Fish) and entering LEO/Aquarius aka The Lion of Judea. Once we pass the galactic alignment we will be in the period of Knowing instead of Belief/Doubt. What happens to folks who don't feel the calling? We will all just start using our Right Brain more than the Left? To be honest Ceti, it is getting hard to live in this fake environment where we are enslaved by material objects that have no use except support the Ego.


Here is something for you and everyone else. WE need to change the Frequency.

 Quoting: Amy_A
we will just have to wait and see,I'm hoping they land and take all of us out of this bed since we are not asleep anymore,lol...i would give away the plot but just be patient while the rest that will wake up, wake...some of us woke quicker..i have tried to help those wake quicker who want to wake with the diet and manna..the ones who cant open their hearts and minds will get left because the suns positive energy will start to fade lesser by next year..the gods are coming back this year,all year,we are the godlike that awake...
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