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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
thanks piperhf,i have either caused some bad things to happen or i just know about them before they happen...i wished my little brother away,6 eeks later he died in an auto accident...but i found out he was dying of liver disease anyways after they got him to the hospital to try to save him and he went fast from the wreck and didnt have to suffer through his last months...my children's mother was driving me crazy after our divorce moving child molester's in on our 3 young daughters and i finally blew a fuse and called down crush bible verses on her,3 months later i got my kids in court and 3 months later her legs was crushed in a auto accident(she was always running around on me) and she still walks with a limp 15 years later...these days i say positive things to help people...heartsmy daughters husbands tell me work is slow,i tell them its not...to be positive and then they get covered up with work,lol...my ex girlfriends daughter needed a job after she had to quit because the boss was hitting on her, i got pissed at that..so i told her mom she had a good paying job with her name on it..and her mom asked me were? i told her to tell her daughter to look for it and she laughed at me... 1 week later her daughter was working for VW making very good money and 1 week later a fight broke out at the bar where the daughter had quit and the owner who hit on her got knocked out cold after the entire bar turned into a fight,which had never happened before,oops...,i do kinda tell the white house people what to do when asked about bills,got the emails to prove them and i made the queen take the train last Christmas after i sent the Windsor site an email,dont have that one it was their site...some would call me god ,some would call me satan...i just know all power comes from god...i have been called Elijah and a demon,lol...i just think its got something to do as katy perry sings the song ET..she uses the word supernatural in it...me thinks mes got some alien DNA...
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