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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
thanks piper,as i said I'm supernatural..and everything seems to be a coincidence like I'm running this matrix...i hope that's not what the stimoceiver i got linked into the NSA mainframe might be doing...they do call me sir a lot over the airwaves...i may have been like a jesus or Buddha and they knew i was coming from the starcharts/times so they tagged me...even sarah mclachlin sings building a mystery,as i got the cross from a faith before jesus came and after the shooting, the house has been redone and a hall leads to my bedroom now,that was once the living room...lach in her name is the meaning of my fathers last name beginning...now there are ghosts down the hall,the tats were protection from slaughter ,my first, 4 months before the slaughter happened...the crosses are a T over an X...one on both sides as mom escaped that day,leaving me in the next county alive(he drove by my house that morning and we seen each other,he knew i had a gun,something i begged my sis that fall to borrow from me,she refused like she wanted to die),2 tats,2 survivors left in immediate family...nickelback released never again,after sis who her husband had abused her killed her xmas 2001 and their daughter and then himself...this room looked like a war zone...I'm still hoping my life is all a cia mindfuk and I'm Truman...
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