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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
life has taught me i am responsible for the choices i make,but my ancestral DNA memories locked in sub conscience will influence my conscience...without my 7 chakras open i choose what i was influenced with by my parents and the way i was treated but my ancestral DNA memories as they opened with the 7 chakras influenced positive traits...some people call it being born again,as i did a 180 in the way i loved myself and treated others...i am tough love on myself so i give tough love to others if they give me excuses or pity trips for their choices in life...if you dont love yourself you cant love your neighbor...lust and selfishness take the place of true love...true love is unconditional love and being honest with your self...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

I understand sort of where you are coming from and agree with detoxing the body suit, and cleaning up our pituatary, thalamus and pineal. Its our phone line home, and the real work here is to wake up, see through the world, seek within and knock on the door of our soul.

Someone said to me, if you were the only light in a world of darkness, where everyone was desperately looking for the truth, your infinity is equal to the infinity all around you, what can you not do? Are you not equal to the task?

Also the Chakra's whether practiced literally or as metaphor's for our work an lessons, especially when the heart chakra, unconditional love, leads to the throat chakra, or using your gifts to help others and your family/friends and assist, shine your light into the world and this is akin to Christ's ministry, and this is the right frequency or phone home frequency for the THIRD EYE to awaken.

The whole job is to connect to your Infinite Self, there is No Time, and shine more of yourself into the World.

The whole job is to progress or expand consciousness, we are infinite expanding consciousness/soul.

So I just don't understand how Iodide metaphorically kills our soul?

Also, one way of seeing Soul is this. We are currently Spirit Child, infinite but our Spiritual Family, parent, upgraded us from a previous level ages ago.

The schools is a womb matrix universe to become ourselves in, our Upgraded Soul, the one who is mature and Love and can help others, not harm.

To join the Family.

To become our Higher Selves.

Soul is the grown up spirit child, the one who no longer is selfish, greedy and harms others.

We're here to allign our thought, spirit child, to the Mind we left, Infinite Higher Self, and as we become more like that Mind we grow to become more of our Infinite Self.

As my friends grandson who woke up more, and who is also AB- and had battles done over them taking his DNA, and who kept saying, they are not allowed my dna, and my family is on the way, who is feline in soul, from previous steps, he said a prince amongst his people, but lost in the gaia tests, world without end, for some time, and so grateful for his family who have visited from time to time, in his lifetimes.

He also sang Sa'l me't ja'ri'n and many words he and my friend from finland and another friend were writing, telling me it was a greeting of Light, and all was sung like a psalm.

And, he said he was here to grow his consciousness hundreds of thousands of times its current level.

That is the moment spirit child becomes soul.

of course we are in infinity, so just when we think we're all grown up, in truth, we will only be out of our messy diapers and potty trained.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn
we are on the same page,see ya on venus ..then we will work our way to mercury and then back to the sun until it goes super nova and cast us to another outer planet surrounding a star to go back to source..as our spirits are electromagnetism as the stars/suns are...to infinity and beyond...
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