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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey I have questions. Again about why you posted the idodide would kill your soul and free your spirit. Still no comprehendo on that one.

Also want to share some things. Due to the energy we're not only waking up, but for those people who are knocking on their soul seeking answers, and working trying to solve problems in their lives, circumstances, and also, attitude or find the weaknesses, and be more loving, in addition reporting for duty, its an honor for the chance to love, serve, shine, our family who we adore on the other side. And seeking to pull it together for others, and this is a good attitude. The model for infinite family in progression is teamwork, but we're doing it our way.

In any case, these energies, its like a boost. I never thought that just asking, got answers, that exploring some solutions that I would want to work on, came with knowledge that at night time was being shown things that quite frankly are odd, and in the daytime was directly reminded of what could be done, and I don't even want to talk about it, but apparently energy solutions are important and modding vehicles, but not necessarily thinking small mods. Little cars can pull big trailers and homes on wheels, not just trucks. And do more than that. The more boggles the mind, and is quite amazing. A little car can do quite a lot of things and older models can be picked up very cheap, and here I thought we had to go for the big truck.

I'm an experiencer who did not seek contact, so finding that questions bring answers rather quickly was somewhat of a shock, and I don't trust anyone, love them all very much unconditional love, but will protect my family, but trust is not a huge suit. And so never reached out asking them anyting, and don't like even the idea of having someone sail in and give answers, plus a medical checkup. Those plus this or that is not my cup of tea,and I have worked hard to get that out of my life by waking up more and there was some help too.

In any case, a friend who is now in a wheel chair just about full time, but night time is quite a different story, and I'm not going to say all of what he is into, some of it has protocol. But, daytime he is asking, what I am I supposed to do, he feels like a bird in a cage waiting and then dropped off some of the night time work. He only remembers about 10%, so he isn't getting his answers. But training comes to mind, and the one with the tall blond woman, very tough no nonsense, not to feel sorry for self but master the skill of jumping to those landing pads.

Anyway we were speculating here, what is this work we're doing at night for?

Here on earth our timeline? And his work doesnt quite make sense unless it is, there seems to be some cosmic plans, and if what we are thinking about the skill development is correct,then not everything they have in the works is going to happen. So here? The next step when we leave this body suit?

You say its all lone wolf, I say there are many getting training for something.

So back to that, iodide kills your soul but frees your spirit? Metaphor? Meaning?

Mine is about to arrive soon, and the micro measuring spoons I ordered.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Hi Sungaze, long time, no see lol. I talked to you a while back I think on Justmeoneofmany's threads...always like to read what you have to say. Do you know anything about astral travel/energy? Thanks.

And thanks for your thread, T Ceti.
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