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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
The thing with so many people is I recognize them in soul, for example my friend, yet for some reason, can sense if someone is more of a child soul sometimes or not, and in some ways need to nudge or help on raising others above the lost boys, kiddy fights and classic battle of Hook, versus Pan.

I had in Aug 09, more of my soul fill me, there was quite an influx of energy, and I had to sleep alot, and headaches in the afternoon. Was starting to meditate chakra meditations from roughly June onwards that year too. I've done some off and on.

I recognize some making videos, on in ufology (though he was off target, and possibly mossad and not allowed to start another religion so called him a renegade but then worked to be nonjudgmental). My own ex too was a part of this group or family! I knew that we had all known each others missions/assingments/lessons, and that we had bailed in, I kind of saw, parachuting in, in different years and decades.

And then had this really profound lonlineness, disconnected, and so just reached up and plugged into the Family and was so happy. I really really really don't like it here!

There is also a kind of recognition of levels/grades and souls not to say higher and better, for we're all equal, and see everyone as dandelions over snowflakes, not worms like I keep reading by negative posters, not dirt, dandelions!!!! They're all different, similar, look like stars, starseeds, and contain mysteries. And they're free, truly.
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