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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
here's some more hidden potassium iodide KI movie symbolism> mib,men in black> we spin the letter b to a q, then fold q to the right to get a p causing mib to become mip..then reverse mip to pim and we get Potassium Iodide Molecule...with agents K and J, we convert J to I with the Greek code and presto we get KI...lets jump the pond and go with MI6 aka Secret Intelligence Service...MI6> spin the 6 into a 9,then fold the 9 to the right and it looks like a P,again in reveres we get PIM,Potassium Iodide Molecule...now we cipher secret intelligence service ,we square the S's into 5's and covert I to 1 in the roman code and we get 5+1+5= 11 < K the 11th letter and pillars of salt symbolism..now add the triangle symbol of MI6 and there's an eye/I at its top so together the 5ecret 1ntelligence 5ervice and with the triangle symbol of MI6 we can cipher KI..also the triangle has 3 sides and the K of UK has an I on its 2 sides making 3 side symbolism of the K and I at the top and the word Intelligence to its bottom left..KI above and KI below,as above as below KI...if we take it further the unicorn and lion in the round shield of Secret Intelligence Service> we push the u in the word unicorn over to appear as a c and c is k in the German code and the l of lion looks like a 1 and 1 is I in the roman code so unicorn and lion becomes hidden KI also...and never mind about my recently passed Estranged dad named James who looked like the actor sean connery aka James Bond of MI6 at 6 foot 8 inch who was exmilitary,hells angel,mafia and possibly CIA whom we called jimmy and others called him Boss..i only see him a handful of times after i was age 6...and what was the characters name in Good Fellows,wouldn't it jimmy?..these ciphers along with him are just coincidences.whistle..guess that make me a "legacy" with the hells angels, etc,lol.
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