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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle watcher6342
Post Content
wearing magnets over third eye 24/7, 4 to be exact. supposed to have 14 lbs. pick up power each. negative side according to reading articles. can feel a pulling of third eye. dreams are definitely on the happier side. more energy, compared to positive side facing in. pos. side also gives darker dreams. have worn them on each hemisphere at night while sleeping. dreams are crazy lucid. fixing to move room around so i am sleeping with head facing east, that is also supposed to be beneficial to your health. so i will have magnets on third eye, sleeping with head in east facing direction, and wanting to start KI. which is best pottasium powder solution to buy? hitting it at the same time on different fronts with different tactics, to keep enemy off balance. flanking him would put it best, hoping he flunked flank :)
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