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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
since were on a subject of world flooding the co creator spirit will remind the other co creator spirits the Noah and the ark symbolism...the ark is the body and when its scared and forgets it lives forever it runs from the flood and takes beasts into it symbolizing the soul belief and some god or savior is going to save us from death...the ark rides on the fear/flood but then the rain stops and the doves bring back an olive branch symbolizing peace and we remember we are spirit instead of soul and free and cannot die after we let the beasts/soul out of our ark...i hope everyone can follow the symbolism of our arks which contain spirit instead of soul..hf..the belief in a soul and we are unequal with the creator brings division from different creation religions but the belief in one shared spirit reunites all arks as we are all one spirit that existed before the creation spoke of gods or goddesses or saviors or prophets that causes divisions..i follow the spirit only,i only use religion as guide-signs to read and pass on my journey from incarnation to incarnation as co creator spirit into arks...hearts..as its written ,work out your own salvation,i have,i remembered i was co creator spirit and not some silly soul that's needs a god ,goddess ,savior or prophet to save them...it is the belief in soul that causes the spirit to get lost and wander through the creation unsure and afraid and needing a master to tell it what is right and what is wrong with threats..i am not an animal/beast/soul...the laws are written upon my heart by the spirit> do unto others as we would have them do unto us and love ourselves so we can love our neighbors..red_heart
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
PS to go with the above post and the previous 3rd above post of Atlantis/Antarctica/Giza north pole...the moon was the sign after Noah(former Atlantis dwellers) got out of the ark in the new heaven and new earth(around Giza)..the moon in the sky was the promise the earth would not be tipped over again and flooded ,it was not the rainbow...soooooo before the flood their were no moon in the sky and that's why the genesis story doesn't mention the moon..the sun was the greater light and the lesser light and the lights in the sky..greater/increasing sunlight from after winter equinox until summer equinox and the lesser/decreasing light after summer equinox and until winter equinox..the light(s) in the sky spoken of in the first 6 days of creation...the moon came later into orbit but it existed elsewhere in the heavens,unless its a craft that was driven into orbit becoming a floating regulator and pulling the northern Giza land mass into an east/west configuration and sending Atlantis down to freeze into Antarctica...no comment on the moon/deathstar symbolism,lol...i can only say the moon hasn't always been in orbit and it did not spin out from a molten earth...sooo the rainbow has replaced the moon in the original story of the "biblical" flood because even with just water vapor in the atmosphere instead of rain they would still have been rainbows caused by the sun and water vapor... so the rainbow is not the promise,the moon is the promise of no more tipping and global flooding..w000000 hIIIIIIIII ,high 5 spirit(ark slapping left and right hand together)hfPS the original "religion" was Spirituality aka co-creator of male and female together before the moon..after the moon it was changed to god and goddess and son being the moon,earth and sun as shown then after in symbolism of the moon being god and making the new heaven and the new earth after causing global tipping and the flood...its as bob seger sings it> blame it on midnight ,shame on the moon...that's why the concept of god and the soul are tied together instead of the original Atlantis/paradise concept of co creator as male/female spirit combined as 1..soooooo since genesis creation doesn't include the moon in creation i will not include the moon either and still follow the original spirit concept of co creator instead of allowing a moon not spoken of bring separation of the earth and sun...i merely call the moon night time eye candy,lol..
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Its a simpler life. Work for God and advertise.whistle
 Quoting: stars
lmao..dont rock the boats and make waves huh...yeah it would be easy giving milk to the poor forgetful co-creator spirits who have lost their way and need scapegoats and masters to lead them around by their wallet and we ourselves not to take full responsibility for our actions but i follow the spirit as its also written...its easy to be good with concept hell or concept karma etc threatening you but the real test is knowing there is no punishment but we still desire to love our self and our neighbors...this is the true test of spirit,to help all others and our selfs unselfishly without any fear..hf..doing my best jimmy swaggart impression> i have sinned oh forgive me i have sinned,lol...I'm not a beast who needs a master to punish me or threaten me with doom if i cant love my neighbor...we are love for we are spirit,we cant fall in love when the spirit is already love...when 2 other arks filled with the co-creator spirit get together there our co-creator spirit was,is and is to incarnate in the midst of them and we 3 helped create the ark we incarnated into< this is the meaning of> when 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there i will be in the midst of thee...it was the spirit that spoke those words from the ark named Jesus,so we must put our co spirit into the place of the same spirit that spoke those words and see the correct translation from the spirits viewpoint,not the arks viewpointhf..materialistic objects do not cause our happiness, our happiness is within us..only forgetful co-creator spirits keep trying to fill the hole inside of them with the creation,the hole where they should remember the spirit is...i am not saying to go without material things,just to ask our self's where does true happiness begin? i had a forgetful co-creator ask me to give her the lotto numbers,i just laughed and asked her why would more money make her happy? if we cant be happy without big money, we have lost our selfs to the creation...my spirit doesn't get get sick from Jones syndrome...
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