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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
Seven hey?
Seven is God's rest and if GOd The Father is disturbed by Man on Earth....The Angels scream 7 or Rest.
9/11 was one of God's messages to man.
9/11 was NOT a inside job it was God's Job.
Who elee can make Aluminum Plane melt into contrete and steel?
Building 7...destroyed by the Power of God.

You see Man has to understand that God destroys 7 Seven.
It is kinda like 7 is His day of rest and He wants some Order and some respect.


He shares Heaven with Nobody other than Man and He likes His pleasant Sundays, 7.
7 years of bad luck
The Number 7 Seven and disasters.
Well we hit 7 Billion people on Earth...7
Remember Challenger 7 and their Seven Astronauts
Building 7 of WTC.
The 7/7 London Bombing
Pentagon, 9-11:
The Seven Minute Fire
 Quoting: powerup
lmccao>laughing my co-creator ass off,stop putting a 'god' concept on a pedestal...the spirit cannot be divided,it can only be shared by all us co-creators...the following posts should put more icing on the cake..this forgetful co-creator must not have read the entire thread..hf 7 is the number of potassium iodide,p is the 16th letter and i is the 9th letter ciphering to 16+9=15=2+5=7...all those 7's you speak of, point to potassium iodide and its molecule and its uses...they dont point to no god or savior on a pedestal...
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