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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
now lets move on to the american flag and potassium iodide salt crystal symbolism> first lets look at most flagpoles,they are pillars with a little ball on top looking like the letter i...then we add the flag and together with the pole it looks like a squared letter P,presto P.i..were still not done with the potassium iodide salt crystal symbolism and the american flag...the stars symbolize crystals in the sky and since they have 5 points in a 4 sided blue field, the 4 letter word blue becomes the 5 letter color black...the red stripes symbolize blood and the white stripes symbolize the white pillars of salt symbolism and along with the ciphered color 5 letter/star points black from the 4 sided field/letters of blue, the red stripes/blood and dark color black symbolizes the color of a healthy pineal gland with the white crystal stripes/pillars of salt symbolism...also when you mix black with the white color we get gray and red and gray is the exact color of a healthy pineal gland...flag waver< on this American flag the circle of crystals/stars symbolize the womb of the divine feminine and the founding fathers symbolize the divine masculine who helped birth the country as co-creators of divine feminine and divine masculine together as the spirit of freedom...and as i have said before our shared co-creator spirit is free but forgetful co-creator spirits who think their souls and not equal as co-creator spirit in the universe/creation are bound by the universe/creation and its concepts of gods,goddesses,saviors and prophets etc which seek to separate the spirit but cannot if we all remember whom we have always been before the creation and reclaim our co-creator authority over the creation...as in the codebook, Revelations says, he/she who overcomes the world aka creation, he/she will i give the hidden manna from the white stone aka potassium iodide KI that gives revelations and our new name of co-creator which replaces our birth name of the ark...hearts
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