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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
i just flipped it to ancient astronauts on the history channel and rolled in the floor laughing at them teaching the spirit concept as an ET concept and saying the building's massive stones were cut and moved into place by aliens ..when in reality they were all poured into molds...the material was crushed or already small enough to handle and it was placed in rubber tree rubber lined Carved wooden molds and mixed with plants that soften stone and the plant chemical secret process melted the crushed stones or smaller stones together and the mixture was allowed to re-harden by another plant chemical process similar to the way concrete sets up and hardens..presto temple ruins and mega blocks that it supposedly took lasers and spaceships to move into places...the paintings and text that tell and show of them being moved into place are lies to guard the ancient concrete process..in south america their are birds who get a certain root and take it high to the rock face and place the acid plant there and it softens the stone where they can peck out a perfectly round hole very high up into the stone face of the cliff for a nest...something tells me the plants that soften stones are high in potassium salt content,lol...without watering down the P.I. crystals they will burn in your mouth as i have found out rather quicklyhf...when the old paintings and sculptures show half animal, half human creatures or speak of them in the text,what concepts do you think its really about instead of monsters? could it be soul and spirit concepts in the cravings,paintings, and text?lol...ancient aliens, laughing my co-creator ass off,their is super tech created by humans with the co-creator spirit that exists since ancient times but beasts wont ever see it...its kept deep underground and deep underwater and its cloaked and you will not see it above you in the sky < that's all forest has to say about that tree,lol..
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