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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
soooooo basically sheeple have been lied to about the meanings of temples, pyramids,carvings,paintings and text and have been given a fake history of meanings when they were metaphors of metaphysical sciences and the other sciences in disguise..did the general populations of the so-called ancient cultures of hundreds and some as Egypt thousands of years of people supposedly breeding like rabbits eat its own general populations and only allowed some rulers not to be eaten as the remains left to be found? i think not ,i believe the worlds ruins were set up that way with the few thousands human remains and histories were written about them according to the slight physical evidence left behind across the globe that doesn't explain what happened to the billions who would have supposed to lived and died during the cultures so called long histories...is anyone else seeing why this "bible" verse says this> there is nothing new under the sun,it was here in another time, built by men who wont be remembered.< doesn't the men who wont be remembered sound like they are the ones who set up the global truman show of so called history for the current time to write the surface meanings in this time? as i asked before where the hell is the general population's buried in massive burial sites of each of the so called ancient cultures? here's a hint,everything is not as old as most have been lead to believe and the lack of human remains around the sites across the globe proves it unless each culture was abandoned every few generations to built the next ones but still their is too many remains unaccounted for..ruins, sculptures,paintings, and text dont prove long lasting civilizations existed ,their has to be massive human remains to prove them within the time frames we are given for them...
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