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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
< another good song with tai chi...a PIamid,changing the Y to I as we were taught...then> A/1 + M/13 + I/9 + D/4 = 27=2+7= 9 folded to the right is P and I is the 9th letter,presto PI hidden -twice- in the word pyramid and there is -2- large pyramids at Giza and a smaller one...now watch this forward and reverse cipher magic for the smaller pyramid and Pharaoh> pyramid> 1+6/P,2+5/Y,1-8/R = 777/god Pharaoh , 1+3/M,= 4 - 9/I,= 5+4/D = 9,9 folded to the right is P and the 9th letter is I...P.I. again along with 777....forward and reverse ciphers as "catch the coda" flying serpents whom dont crawl on our bellies eating dust all our lives ruled by concepts,for we follow the spirit and fly free...pyramid> in forward and reverse cipher and remember what i just said a few posts back about remote viewing the past and future,lol...pyramid> 777 and P.I. 3 times for 3 pyramids of Giza...777/Pharaoh is often seen with 2 snakes on his head piece looking like two 7's along with 7 brain parts/777 and Pharaoh is the pineal gland symbolism making the 8th brain part...there are no coincidences..by the way, my middle name is RA-y/i/eye lol...the Egyptian god Ra with an Y/I/eye...having the eye of Ra, as is mentioned by Freemasons...
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