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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
this is for all those "saved" waiting to go to "heaven"...we are already there...first,the day never ends because the sun shines all the time...night is merely a shadow and it is flesh whom divides the never ending day into weeks,months and years...second,your looking for your mansion in the sky> the sky starts where the ground ends,your already in your mansion in the sky,unless you live underground,then you can say your from hell,lol...third, the rapture will take us into the sky> only the bottom of our feet touch the ground,the rest of flesh and spirit is in the sky...get into an auto,and presto your completely in the sky for only the bottom of your auto tires touch the ground where the sky begins...jump up and your completely in the sky,no need for jesus to fly down when we can jump and meet him in the sky...twinkling of an eye thing remember,a jump up in the sky only takes a twinkling of an eye...ponder that soultards whom forget their spirit within...
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