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Message Subject 777 Is The Number Of God Because I Am God
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
I'll share something i seen today on my 2 mile loop jalk..i was on the last leg going south and an airplane was chemtrailing north to south, west of me and as i was watching it ,it suddenly turned into the western direction and the chemtrail began curving.... then where the plane turned, another object that was round, lit up in the sky,it was about 6:30 pm...the plane moved to avoid hitting whatever it was...it looked about as big as the planes wings were wide...and it would fade in and out(there were no clouds) as i continued to get back around to my truck watching it for a few minutes as i made my way..then it didn't show in the sky again before i left about 5 minutes later...it may have been a weather balloon reflecting in the sky that the plane swerved to miss as I'm not saying it was one of these>vril..lol
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Well I must say I too have never seen one of those either but it sure did make a great prop for my screenplay... My inspiration perked and of course there was all the maybe confusing posts I added to your thread. Thank you again for all your patience. Creativity tends to come by inspiration so I just never know where it ends up. I guess at least it might make an entertaining read for your original thread. As you mentioned we are always growing so I just sort of went with the flow. I'm just an Artist and enjoy writing and creating. Screenplays are my thing these days...Hopefully people don't take me too serioulsy, I'm just a rather passionate person you see. I'm not sure what you claim to have seen but it certainly makes it all the more interesting. The rest I guess is as its stated a Production. Who can say, a Theory maybe.

 Quoting: PHI PIPER 17637449
as i said it could have been a weather balloon but last fall i was helping one of my son in laws with a metal roof,my first,lol and before we got there,the home owner;'s sister whom i had been living with was with us and we stopped for gas in eton ga,3 miles north of chatsworth aka paperclipville usa,lol and i looked to see a plane chemtrailing and i looked at her and said wait till you see the surprise 60 miles north when we get there..well the skys were clear in sweetwater tenn and we started on her brothers roof with the metal...a short time later,planes begin to show and literally drew a spiderweb over our heads and then a plane flew lower spewing the trails right dead over the house and as it neared the western horizon 2 bright objects lit up behind that plane and my grandson and daughter who had gone also seen them...i also reminded my ex, of what i had said earlier and pointed to the skys,for the fist time since i knew her she was speechless,lol..she always made fun of me and would say well if you know things ,give me the lotto numbers and i would have to tell her it didn't work like that...but it might one day,lol...anyhoo the 2 objects didn't show up until the plane was going farther away and i was on the ground at that time and told my grandson to look ,he did and asks ,grand pa what were those following that plane...i just told him they were other planes,lol..although that wasn't no dam balloon or plane i seen when i was in Jr. high,lol..a saucer with lights in the middle going around it, hovering over the electrical tower and 1/3 the height of the 200 feet tower on the south end of fort mountain for 15 minutes before it tilted and rose into a cloud was no balloon or airplane,even from 3 miles away...
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